Basic Ingredients and Batch Size

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Literally everything you need to make ice cream.

Unless otherwise noted, my base recipe will yield just over one quart of frozen product. This may not seem like a tremendous amount of ice cream, but the richness of what you’ll be creating makes it last quite a bit longer than your average store-bought ice quart.

As you’ll discover pretty quickly if you spend some time looking around the site, the base of all my recipes consists of five ingredients: milk, cream, egg yolks, sugar, and salt.

  • For milk and cream, I always recommend buying local dairy. Not only does this support small farmers and your local economy, but high quality dairy will be reflected in the taste and texture of your ice cream. If you can’t find local dairy, definitely go organic.
  • The same goes for eggs. Believe it or not, there really is a significant difference in taste and texture between farm eggs and bulk-produced factory eggs.
  • For sugar, there’s a world of difference between processed white sugar and raw cane sugar — both nutritionally and in taste. Admittedly, sugar is never good for you. But raw cane sugar is  less bad for you than white sugar.
  • Like sugar, the salt you use matters too. Get rid of table salt and start using sea salt.

Different recipes will call for different ratios of these basics, and some won’t necessarily include all of them because of other substitutions, but these five simple ingredients are the basis of real food ice cream.