Welcome to the Blog: An Introduction

Hello and welcome to The Ice Cream Theologian!

This is something of an offbeat experiment, trying to bring together two of the things I love doing most: making natural homemade ice cream and reflecting theologically about daily activities. At first glance, you might think these have nothing in common: one seems silly and delicious, the other abstract and dull.

But, as I hope to show, you might be surprised how much they overlap. Believe it or not, my view of the world has actually been shaped pretty significantly by things I’ve learned through making ice cream. Which is why, while this is primarily a blog featuring my homemade ice cream recipes, I’ll also be interspersing reflections on the relationships I see between food, health, agriculture, politics, life, and God.

As you can read on the About page, all of my ice creams are made with only natural ingredients: milk, cream, egg yolks, raw cane sugar, fresh produce and herbs, and the occasional boozy addition. I’m passionate about eating and making real food, even (maybe even especially) for dessert. In our globalized world of supermarkets and fast food, most of us don’t really have any grasp on where our food comes from, how it’s grown, how it’s made, or what’s been added to it for appearance or extra (artificial) flavoring.

By showing you how to make your own, real food ice cream, I hope to help you begin to discover that:

  • Real food doesn’t have to be complicated,
  • Real food tastes better,
  • Real food is better for you,
  • Local agriculture is important, and is worth supporting and celebrating; and,
  • When it comes to food, there are more important things than convenience.

Believe it or not, these are all lessons that I’ve learned through my time making ice cream professionally and at home (you can read more about that in my Bio).

I also have a theory that it’s hard to think of someone as your enemy when you make ice cream together. Which is why I think an ice cream blog can be a great place to encounter new ideas, challenging opinions, or novel perspectives. You may not agree with all of my thoughts or positions in the reflective posts, and that’s okay! My hope is that our shared love of the simple goodness of ice cream will put us in a default position of trust, allowing for respectful discussion — like we would have if we were in the kitchen, churning together.

I’m glad you’re here, and I have high hopes for this experiment. Now let’s make some real ice cream, and ask some real questions.

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